Here Be Dragons is a place of wonderment and enchantment on the banks of the Sangker river. Whether you’re feeling bruised after a hard day in the real world of work, or you just need to relax after visiting Temple Town or the bright lights of Bangkok, step off the map and lose yourself in the world of the dragons.

It’s a world for eating, drinking, lazing about, listening to music, swapping stories, playing games and planning adventures. It’s also an experiment in living, a ramshackle multivarious community where friends matter.

So cross the portal, say hello, get involved.

Photo by Joe Jezewski. Joe works at KHEN. KHEN do good works, go check out their page.

Tuesday – yoga 7pm $2
Wednesday – pub quiz 8pm
Thursday – yoga 7pm $2
Friday – cocktail party, $2 cocktails 5-9pm
Saturday – barbecue
Sunday – yoga 5pm $2; movie 6.30pm


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This Saturday (9am-midday) we will have an organic veg market stall in the garden at the Dragon.

The produce will come from farms working with Bareebo ( At the Dragon, we have started using as much veg from Bareebo as we can. The organisation trains families around Banon in organic farming methods - they use no chemical fertilisers or pesticides, just compost and local bad-tasting plants which deter birds and insects.

If there is enough interest we would really like to turn this into a small weekly farmers market. Bareebo grow mostly salad-type vegetables - if you know of anyone else local with organic produce, please let us know!
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Tonight - ping pong and buffalo burgers! ... See MoreSee Less

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This Sunday at 7pm we are showing Blue Planet II: The Big Blue.

This episode explores life out in the oceans, where massive sperm whales click to each other and chase squid, where Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish drift in the current fishing with their deadly tentacles, and where baby turtles clamber onto floating debris and float about while they wait to grow up.

It also focuses on the devastating impact plastic is having on the ocean, and the way it is poisoning sea creatures. A hawksbill turtle gets tangled in a plastic sack before being freed by a camera operator, and a pod of pilot whales are distressed by the death of a newborn calf. More about the Blue Planet on plastics here
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This week's Sunday movie, 7pm:

GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE PRISON OF BELIEF (dir Alex Gibney, 2015) is a documentary about the Scientologists and their mysterious, paranoid world. It chronicles the history of the organisation and its founder, SF-writer L. Ron Hubbard - a history marked by brainwashing, bullying and greed - and details allegations by ex-members of abuse and intimidation.

Hilarious and horrifying, Going Clear has been seen by millions around the world, despite a sustained campaign by the Church of Scientology to block its release, and was nominated for seven Emmy awards.

Trailer here -
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